Molly Kozma

Owner of Fosse

"Bonnie's knowledge and understanding of dog behavior are unsurpassed. It never ceases to amaze me how much love she has for dogs, and how relaxed and in control they are in her company. I trust her implicitly any time I need help with Fosse. She's simply the best walker you could hope for!" 

Erica Pulley

Owner of Rosie

"Bonnie and my family were neighbors for several years on Potrero Hill.  We had very busy work and school schedules and were concerned that our energetic, large bulldog/pit, Rosie, have enough exercise.  Bonnie volunteered to take Rosie for walks and play sessions in the early morning on weekdays, during which Rosie got quite a workout.  Rosie waited for Bonnie at the door in the morning and was elated when she arrived.  Bonnie was as happy to see Rosie!    Rosie was a content, tired dog when I returned from school midday.  I can't recommend Bonnie highly enough."

Suzanne Dumont

Owner of Lucy

"Pretty much everything I know about dogs, I learned from Bonnie! She's a wealth of info because of her long commitment and experience working with all types of dogs. When I got my puppy  6 years ago, she helped me understand Lucy's behavior and needs so I could train, socialize and play with her. What a gift Bonnie has been to my relationship with my dog! I would trust her anytime with my darling girl, because she cares so much. 
And on top of it all, Lucy says she gives dog-gone awesome massages!"


Nancy Boughey

Owner of Lyric

"Bonnie is awesome!  She is a “dog whisperer!” - my dog immediately took to her and listened to her.  Bonnie instinctively knew how to be with her.
And Lyric is always excited to see her again!  We will be using Bonnie to walk our girl as often as we can."