A few things to know about Walkin' the Dog SF.

Dog Walks:

•  Visits are approximately an hour and include private walks that are at least 30 minutes, on leash. 

•  Length and strenuousness of walks are customized for your dog's needs.

•  If you would like your pup to run and play in an enclosed neighborhood playground, we will walk there and back on leash                                                            

• After returning from a walk, I will spend time with your dog ---playing with toys, giving tummy rubs--whatever your pup enjoys. 

• Available on weekdays 9-5.

• Sometimes two dogs from the same household can be walked together. 

Payment Policy

• Initial consultation is free.

• $30/hour for visits that include walks and playtime. For two dogs, the charge will be $35/hour.      

• Payment by the month/in advance, to reserve space.

Cancellation Policy:

• During every year (12 months from start date), Client may cancel 12 walks without charge.  Advance payment for any such cancelled walks will be credited to the following month's bill.  

• No refunds/credits for cancellations with less than 24-hour notice

Medical Requirements: 

• Current Rabies, DHPP,  Leptospirosis, and Bordetella immunizations

• Spay or neutering.

• Flea control.

•Heartworm prevention

Safety Requirements:

• For dog walks,  please provide a collar that has your emergency contact information.

• Walkin' the Dog needs the name, address and phone number of your veterinary hospital.

Grooming Policy:  

• Toweling down, if your dog gets dirty or wet.

Other Services:

•Pet sitting   

    -In-home visits that provide love, food, fresh water, medication, etc. for dogs and cats. 

    -$30/one-hour visit.

    -$35/ one-hour visit if a short dog walk is included.

    -Written statement to Client's veterinarian authorizing medical treatment 

    -Payment in advance


      -Available in my home for clients' dogs that are compatible with my dog

      -$50/day, which includes love,  three walks, meals, administration of necessary medication, handling

        emergencies, etc.   

      -Written statement to Client's veterinarian authorizing medical treatment

      -Payment in advance

Holidays Observed:

• Memorial Day, 4th of July , Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Wednesday-Friday) , December 27-January 1.